The Jubal Flute Studio Policies


1. Enrollment: Students will be considered for regular instruction after an initial conference/ lesson

with the instructor, as well as a brief conference with at least one parent/ guardian (if under 18).

2. Lesson Scheduling: The student will meet with the instructor every week.

Recommended length of lesson is as follows: Levels 1-2: 30 min; Levels 3-4: 45 min; Levels 5 & above: 60 min
NOTE: Please be on time! Tardiness is deducted from YOUR lesson time.

3. Fees: Fees are ($160/ $229/ $297) per month for (30 min, 45 min, 60 min) lessons. This fee
includes 35 lessons, three concerts/ recitals,  group classes and ensemble rehearsals, free theory training and access to this website, Smart Music, and other music software and equipment.  Fees are due on the 1st of every month. A reminder will be sent one week before. Receipts are provided if requested.  A late fee of $10 will be added to any bill that is not paid by the 15th of each month.  Summer lessons are $35 per half hour (no group classes or recitals).  In the summer you only pay for the weeks that you will be in town and can come for a lesson.

4. Missed Lessons: There are NO refunds or credits for absences in which I have not received 48 hours notice, except in the case of sudden illness or family emergencies.
I will make up TWO excused absences per semester within 2 weeks of the end of the semester, as well as any lessons that I have missed. Please do not reschedule lessons for conflicts with medical appointments, parties, sports, and other such events. These are not excused absences.   However, switching lessons with someone else is fine as long as both students contact me and are responsible for coming at the correct time.

5. Parent/ Guardian Responsibilities: The parent is to provide an instrument in the best possible condition. If maintenance is required on the instrument, this should be done as soon as possible. The student's attendance at all scheduled lessons and recitals is necessary for continued progress, and parents must arrange their schedules accordingly to ensure the student arrives on time for each lesson. While it is the student's responsibility to practice regularly, I encourage parents to help by providing a distraction-free time and place for the student's daily practice, and by occasionally checking assignments and listening while your child plays for you. You can further help your child's musical development by enrolling them in piano lessons and by attending musical events together regularly.

6. Student's Responsibilities: (Also see Lesson Checklist in the Flute Lesson Handbook). The student should arrive at each lesson on time, well prepared, and with all the necessary materials. He/she must schedule, when at all possible, daily practice without distractions.

7. Library: The student may be lent tapes, CD's, sheet music, or other material. I check this material out in my records, and the student marks it in her handbook. These are educational materials, and, to protect the livelihoods of the performers and composers, they SHOULD NOT BE DUPLICATED unless I specify. All material should be returned the next week, unless renewed or specified otherwise. Replacement fees will be charged for any items not returned after one month.

8. Performances: The student is expected to participate in all recitals and concerts of the studio. In addition, she/he is encouraged to participate in other festivals and competitions that they will be informed of. This keeps the student enthusiastic and is an excellent way to learn about music and support the music of others.

9. Dismissal/ Dropping: The instructor reserves the right to dismiss any student who cannot or will not maintain a reasonable standard of work, or whose behavior/ attitude is not conducive to progress. Students may be dismissed for continually being unprepared, for showing disrespect for the instructor or learning, or for other reasons. A probationary period is given in most cases, following a consultation with the parent. Additionally, if the student or parent decides to discontinue lessons, either 4 weeks notice must be given or the equivalent payment must be made.

10. Conclusion: Please feel free to call me with any questions regarding any aspect of your child's musical study. I especially love to receive calls from students concerning their lesson assignments and flute playing in general. If these policies are respected things go smoother for everyone and learning the flute becomes as enjoyable as teaching it .


Please print this page, sign it, and bring it to your first lesson


 I have read and agree to the above terms